So you’ve been cast in the show…

Congratulations! We hope you have a marvelous time.

Rehearsals for our Studio Theatre and Mainstage series typically rehearse Sunday through Thursday each week. There may be additional rehearsals added on Friday and Saturdays as needed. Please check the schedule daily to make sure that it has not changed.

Tech Week
This is the Saturday-Thursday prior to the show opening. These are crucial rehearsals that incorporate all the technical elements of the show. All technical rehearsals are required unless previously arranged with director and stage manager.

We rent scripts from the licensing companies, so those must be returned to the company at the end of each production. Do not write in your script with ink. Please use a lead pencil when writing in your hard copy of your script during rehearsals. If you damage the script or lose it there will be a $50 charge.  Each actor is responsible for erasing and returning their script by strike. If you wish for us to print a script for you there will be a $5 charge.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a cue-to- cue tech rehearsal?
This is a technical rehearsal where certain sections of the show are worked and technical aspects are added to it. This is the time when lights and sound are added and run on stage.

What is a sitzprobe?
A sitzprobe is a seated rehearsal where the actors or singers rehearse with the orchestra for the first time. Typically, the company will sing through the entire show with the orchestra.

What is a “wet tech?”
A wet tech is a technical rehearsal when the primary focus is on the technicals aspected (lights, sound, fog, projections, etc.) and not the acting.

What is a “dry tech?”
A dry tech is a technical rehearsal where all the technical elements of the production are brought together with the designers present. The stage manager, director, and designers work with the crew so everyone can learn their role in the technical aspects of the show without the actors present.

What is “strike?”
Strike is typically scheduled for immediately after the final performance of a show. This
is the time that the set is torn down, costumes, props, and rented materials are all
returned to their proper places, and the stage and backstage areas are cleaned for the
next performance.