To Kill a Mockingbird


February 2017

Directed by Dr. Michael O’Hara

Jean Louis Finch (Scout)

Atticus Finch

Jeremy (Jem) Finch

Bob Ewell

Tom Robinson

Judge Taylor, Mob

Mayella Violet Ewell

Mr. Gilmer (Prosecutor), Mob

Sheriff Heck Tate, Nathan Radley

Reverend Sykes


Arthur (Boo) Radley

Walter Cunningham, Sr., Link Deas

Charles Baker (Dill) Harris

Miss Maudie Atkinson

Miss Stephanie Crawford

Miss Dubose

Clerk of the Court


Eleanor Cooper

Michael Kleeberg

Timothy Ziuchkovski

Nathan Hart

Michael Sales

Charles Retherford

Aiszah Rangel

Scott McFadden

Larry Beck

Cornelius Dollison

Andrea Cash

Sean Orlosky

Steven Knipp

Henry Cooper

Lisa Etchison

Tracena Marie

Sonja Rees

Bridget Duggleby

Rashad Greenleaf

Hallie Heil

JaJuan Phillips

Tom Steiner

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