Upcoming Auditions

The Wizard of Oz
Performing at Canan Commons June 17-20, 2021

Directed by Bridget Duggleby
Music Directed by Amanda Droste

Audition Information:
Auditions for The Wizard of Oz will be held April 8th & 9th (and possibly the 10th) with callbacks on the 11th at 4:00pm.

Actors ages 16 and up will be auditioning Thursday, April 8th.
Actors will be contacted by the director within a week of the receipt of their audition registration with exact times for the 60 minute audition.

Actors ages 8-15 will be auditioning Friday, April 9th. Actors will be contacted by the director within a week of the receipt of their audition registration with exact times for the 60 minute audition.

Children ages 5-10 are encouraged to sign up for our Munchkin Bootcamp: June 7th-11th from 10am-3pm. (Registration will open in April)

Audition Process

Actors ages 16+ = Singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” OR “If I only had a Brain” May choose which character song to sing (Scarecrow, Tinman, Lion), Dancing to “If I only had a Brain”

*Actors ages 16+ will read from sides

Audition Materials

Character Descriptions:

Dorothy Gale (age 12-20)

Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch* (age 18+)

Aunt Em* (age 25+)

Glinda, The Good Witch (age 25+)

Hunk/Scarecrow (age 16+)

Hickory/Tinman (age 16+)

Zeke/Lion (age 16+)

Uncle Henry* (age 25+)

Emerald City Guard Male (age 16+)

Professor Marvel/Wizard of Oz* (age 25+)


*Non Singing Roles



Flying Monkeys/Jitterbugs  (Ages 8-15)

Citizens of Oz  (Ages 16+)



Munchkins:  Ages 5-10


Munchkin Mayor

Munchkin Barrister

Munchkin Coroner

Bitsy Quickstone

Azur Littleweather

Kiki Snifflebaum

Zippy Glimmerman

Quella Proudmore

Poppy Xaxa

Tillery Snoot

Munchkin Ensemble

Auditions are held at Muncie Civic Theatre located 216 E. Main St, Downtown Muncie, Ind. unless otherwise noted above.

How to Prepare:

  • You will be asked to read from the script. Non-musical productions will either provide sides from the script or ask you to prepare a monologue, do not prepare anything unless it is stated. 
  • For musicals you will be audition with music from the show usually posted online 2 weeks prior to show. Do not prepare anything else unless it is stated to do so.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. We encourage you to look your best, but also come prepared for some dance or movement exercises for bigger dance musical auditions (not all shows have dance portions).
  • Call Backs will be scheduled for later in the afternoon or the next day. Using the email address you will provide in your audition form or with a physical posted list, we will contact you for your callback. Just because you’re not on the callback list does not mean you are not in the show.
  • Character Breakdowns are listed above for each show. There is some flexibility in requirements within reason (such as age) and some are non-negotiable, so please plan accordingly. You have the ability to indicate which role you are interested in on your audition form, along with whether or not you would accept an ensemble role. Please be honest in your willingness to participate, as this helps the casting process go more smoothly.
  •  Get your calendar out – you need to share your rehearsal conflicts. Every rehearsal is important and while every actor may not be called in for every rehearsal, when you are needed, you are needed! The fewer you have the better, but above all, be honest when filling out the audition form and listing any conflicts you might have.

Rehearsals: Typically Sunday – Thursday, 6:30 – 9:30 pm, beginning the week after auditions.

Performances: Main Stage Shows run for three weekends (Studio 2 weekends) including a week of technical rehearsals prior. You must be available for all of the show/tech dates.

Cast Lists: Anyone who has signed up to audition will receive an email notice the first business day after auditions with the full cast list.

If you have any questions, please email us at tickets@munciecivic.org