• Please be punctual to every call. If you are running late, please call/text the stage manager immediately.
  • Actors are expected to follow the Code of Conduct. Please see below.
  • All cast members are expected to wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move during rehearsals. You must always wear closed-toed, rubber-soled shoes to every rehearsal.
  • The fly rail system with the ropes and sandbags is dangerous. Please do NOT put ANYTHING on the fly rail ropes, floor, or railing. Do NOT play with the fly rail system.
  • It is never acceptable to play in, on, or near the props and/or scenery, which includes sitting on furniture. If you do not use a specific prop during the show, you should not handle it.
  • Please bring a pencil, your script, and a recording device to music rehearsals (ie. cell phone). Please bring appropriate footwear to choreography and blocking rehearsals.
  • Please do not cut, dye, or alter your hair without speaking to our hair designer first. If you have visible piercings or tattoos, they will have to be taken out and/or covered up, unless specified for the show by the production staff. If other modifications are needed for the role, the hair or make-up designer will speak to you in person. If you have any questions, please let your stage manager know.
  • Muncie Civic Theatre is not responsible for lost, stolen, or broken belongings. Please do not bring valuables to the theatre.
  • There is also a mandatory strike to follow the final performance. It is important that every cast and crew member attends each strike. Not only is this the only time that everyone can tear the set down, put away props, costumes, and rentals, and clean the space before the next production, but this is also the last time for everyone to work together to say goodbye to a show, an experience.
  • Do not eat or drink in the house of the theatre (the new auditorium seating). Please do so in the lobby, rehearsal hall, or kitchen.
  • Pick up after yourselves: including your hanging up your costume, returning your props to the correct place, any trash that belongs to you, etc.
  • Each cast and crew member receives one free complimentary ticket. You can claim your ticket starting two weeks before opening night. You must go to the box office and let the box office staff know that you are claiming your complimentary ticket. Additional complimentary tickets will only be given for additional volunteer opportunities (ie. building/painting the set, assisting with costumes, props, lights, etc.)

Muncie Civic Theatre Code of Conduct


  • We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a culture of respect where everyone feels safe, valued, and appreciated.
  • We are a community made up of people of diverse ages, backgrounds, and levels of experience.  We respect our differences as we seek to create common ground.
  • We are committed to team building and creating a gossip free environment within our building and on social media.
  • We follow the Golden Rule and practice treating and speaking to others the way that we want to be treated and spoken to.
  • We are respectful of each person’s personal space, hugs are not always welcome.
  • Comments on personal appearance are not always welcome.
  • We value our historic building, and work together to keep it clean and in the best condition possible.
  • If you see or experience something that is not up to these standards please take responsibility and talk to a staff member.

Actor Contract

  • I have read and understand the  Code of Conduct, cast expectations, and cast contract. I agree to adhere to their provisions and my commitment to this production.
  • Muncie Civic Theatre reserves the right to immediately remove from any production, at any time, any actor whose behavior proves to be detrimental to the safety and well-being of another performer, staff member, or volunteer involved with the creative process. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to, showing up to the theatre intoxicated or otherwise under the influence of a controlled substance; physically or verbally threatening or harming another individual, or willfully causing physical damage to the theatre itself.
  • I hereby grant Muncie Civic Theatre permission to videotape and photograph me or my child during the production process. I give permission for Muncie Civic Theatre to use any video footage and photographs taken of me or my child for newspapers, educational settings, professional conferences, other media advertisements, and Muncie Civic Theatre’s website.