Barrier-Free Theatre Adults (ages 17+)

is a 9-month drama therapy process engaging ensemble members in activities such as improvisation, creative dramatics, theatre games, role-play, and character development to enhance social-emotional growth.  The program culminates with an original play developed by the participants and creative team!


Due to the high level of interest in the program, not all participants will be guaranteed a spot. All applicants will be notified by August 30th of their status in the program. Individuals not selected into the program for this year will be placed on a waiting list.  If any available slots open up, those slots will be filled via a lottery process.

Rehearsals: Wednesdays September 25 -April 15
Tech Week: April 20-23
Performance Dates: April 24-26, 2020

Barrier-Free Theatre
Including Everyone in the Arts

What is Barrier-Free Theatre?
Barrier-Free Theatre offers therapeutic arts programming for children and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities.  The programs provide an inclusive space for individuals to share their voices in a creative way!  The mission for Barrier-Free Theatre is to enhance overall wellness of everyone involved, provide an opportunity to boos self-esteem, validate talents, establish life skills, as well as create lasting friendships.  Our wish is for Barrier-Free Theatre to continue to give participants, volunteers, and audience members the platform needed to  work together to break down the stigma of disabilities in our community

National Barrier-Free Theatre Programs:
Barrier-Free Theatre of Manhattan, KS
Barrier-Free Theatre of Maryland
Barrier-Free Theatre of Muncie, IN
Barrier-Free Theatre of Carmel, IN


Opening night arrived, and I felt comfortable as my character from our play, Super Ability: My Power Within. I didn’t feel unsure anymore. This program brought me back to the theatre and reignited my passion, which I thought was long lost.” Allison Haire, Barrier-Free Theatre Adult Participant

I believe it is a wonderful program for not only the people involved, but for the community as well. The program has had a significant emotional impact on the my participating clients, who have demonstrated very positive changes in their lives and daily routines.” Anna Wamhoff, MT-BC Music Therapist at Hillcroft Services