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May 20-22
Casazza Studio Theatre

GRADES: 3rd-6th
Auditions TBA February   
Tech Week May 16-19
Cost: $150 Non-Subscriber/$125 Subscriber

Encore is an audition based program and not all students will automatically receive a role. More information regarding auditions will be sent upon registration.

Auditions will open in 2022

important info

Rehearsals + shows

Encore Rehearsals are Saturdays for 2-6 hours between the hours of  9am-6pm

Encore Performances are usually 60-90 minutes in length.

Actors participating in the Encore Program will have rehearsal on Saturdays for 8-9 weeks prior to their performance.  Actors are guaranteed two performances, but may have up to four.

Encore auditions occur early in the season to allow for actors who do not get cast the ability to participate in another program.  


This program is designed to equip performers with a professional acting experience.  Encore is an audition based program that allows students to work with actors of all ages and seasoned directors.

Encore is an audition based program, not everyone will be cast.


Standard Cost for this program is $150, financial assistance is available.  To apply for financial assistance click the appropriate box within the registration form and you will be sent more information.

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